The buzz is building. A scene from Clash of the Titans, much of which was filmed on Tenerife, has just been featured on the front cover of the UK’s most prestigious movie magazine, Empire and now the movie trailer has just hit the web.

Earlier this year Mount Teide crater’s mind blowing landscape was used as an appropriately mythological looking setting for the forthcoming adrenalin pumping Greek yarn starring Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson. The movie, predicted to be the hottest blockbuster of 2010, promises square jawed heroes, an epic quest, romance, tetchy gods and a who’s who of mythical monsters as well as a healthy dose of eye candy for all: Gemma Aterton in a chiton for the lads, Sam Worthington in a skirt for the girls (in truth it’s more “˜mad, bad and dangerous to know’ Greek warrior garb) and giant scorpions and a whole host of super bad CG creatures for the geeks.

We’ll have to wait until the movie hits the cinemas next March to find out whether Clash of the Titans will do for Tenerife what Captain Corelli’s Mandolin did for Cephalonia in Greece .

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