Increase your sales with professional food photography

Good photography leads to more immersive consumer attention & helps in increasing sales. When combos are connected together and presented beautifully in a menu, there is a much stronger chance that people will order the entire combo rather than ordering just a single dish.

Food photography  is the best online advertising method

Food lovers often search for places to eat on their mobile device on the go and having a high-quality photograph come up on your Google presentation  captures your potential customers.

While food pictures on a printed menu can help you upsell items by showing images of high-profit food items, food pictures on your digital menu are great for SEO which helps in improving your website conversions. 

Helps in branding

Brand building is one of the major challenges that restaurant owners face; establishing one uniform identity in the market. Food photography can be one of the strongest differentiators between your brand and your competition.

These facts create important reasons for restaurants to invest in food photography, and to achieve excellent results, hiring a food photographer is vital!



Petra Kavšek is an experienced and well established professional food photographer and graphic designer from the beautiful country of Slovenia, with a strong specialisation in the food industry. She has a huge passion for healthy meals, amazing recipes and stunning food photography, and knows exactly how to get the best photos to make her food and drink shots stand out from the crowd, due to her many years of experience and dedication to her craft. She has recently joined our team here in Tenerife and has already made a big impact!

Examples of photos:

Petra can also help you with designing web and creating print-ready marketing material for your restaurant.

Examples of Petra’s designs: 





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