Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife.

Michael Bolton to perform in Tenerife
This week it was announced who was to follow in the footsteps of Rod Stewart, Elton John and Simply Red by performing at Golf Costa Adeje on Tenerife. Names such as Eric Clapton and Santana have been bandied about in the past, but unfortunately it was neither. This summer the golf course will be transformed into an open air concert venue for Michael Bolton of – couldn’t think of an original hit that sounded familiar ““ lots of easy-listening cover versions fame. Okay, we’re being a bit cruel and he’s an incredibly successful and popular singer, but we’d be more excited if it was someone just a bit more contemporary. Anyway, for all you Michael Bolton fans out there the concert is on Friday 8 July. Keep an eye on the Canarias Live Sun Festival site for details of when tickets are available.

The Price of Staying on Tenerife
Travel website hotels.com have just published some interesting travel statistics that include information about hotel prices and favourite destinations. The most costly place to stay in Spain is Marbella with an average price of €120 per night and the cheapest is Almeria at €55 on average. Playa de las Américas lies in upper mid-table at €79 whilst Puerto de la Cruz averaging €57 per night is the second cheapest place in Spain to stay.
The findings for favourite holiday destinations in Spain are also interesting. Madrid is number one for Spanish holidaymakers. Out of the twenty top destinations, only one is in the Canary Islands and that is Puerto de la Cruz. For non-Spanish visitors to Spain, the trend is different. This time Barcelona tops the list and yet again only one Canary Island destination makes the top sixteen; this time it’s Costa Adeje at number sixteen.

The Mount Teide Centre is Open
After eight years and millions of euros, the Mount Teide Visitors” centre ‘telesforo Bravo’ in La Orotava finally opened its doors this week. But this being Tenerife, the centre isn’t quite finished yet. Although it’s open for administrative purposes and is handy for anyone staying in the north to pick up permits for climbing Mount Teide, the exhibitions about Teide National Park won’t be in place until 2012. However, the 11000 square metres of the centre’s gardens are open in the mornings and late afternoons and feature examples of the island’s plants complete with information panels…in theory. The gardens might still be a bit sparse as the plants there are only young. But come back in a couple of years and it’s bound to be spectacular.

Earth Hour on Tenerife
A big round of applause for La Laguna council who are recognising Earth Hour this coming Saturday by turning off the lights of the iconic Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de La Concepción at 8.30pm. The blackout will be followed by a candlelit concert at the base of the tower at 9.30pm. Not only does it raise awareness of the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour, it sounds lovely as well.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to…no-one.

Instead it’s an even bigger round of applause for La Laguna council for trying to create a barrier free paradise by opening up a section of one of the most beautiful corners of Tenerife to people who may not otherwise get to enjoy it. The Sendero de los Sentidos (Trail of the Senses) is a commendable project which includes wheelchair friendly wooden walkways into the Anaga Mountains on the Llano de los Loros path at Cruz del Carmen. The route also includes sensory panels to bring the smells and sounds of nature even closer to users.
The paths aren’t only designed for users with disabilities; two routes also involve negotiating wooden bridges and zip lines both of which add an extra dimension to exploring this breathtaking ancient woodland.

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