Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife

A Hero Returns to Tenerife ““ World Cup Star Pedrito Comes Home
The man who ripped shreds in the German defenses and played a major role in helping Spain win the World Cup for the first time in its history, Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma (Pedro for short”¦or Pedrito to be even shorter) returned to Tenerife to a hero’s welcome and the honour of being named as an “˜illustrious son of Tenerife’.
Whilst Pedrito was receiving a scorching hot welcome in Tenerife, the other Canarian World Cup star, David Silva was experiencing slightly different temperatures as he completed his move to Manchester City.
“I always hoped to come to Manchester City”¦” Silva announced prompting speculation that he didn’t know the difference between cuidad and unido in English. I mean, nobody really dreams of playing for City…do they?

Cruising into Santa Cruz on a Sunday
Almost 129000 cruise ship passengers have sailed in to Santa Cruz this year so far, many of them to find it shut. With the economic crisis in Spain hitting hard, the debate about whether shops in the city should be allowed to open for business on a Sunday has raised its heated head again. The supporters argue that it’s essential for the city to move forward as a tourist destination and that it will bring in much needed revenue. Those opposed point state the need to protect cultural values and traditions also saying that that it would cost more to open than the revenue from cruise ship passengers would bring in.

Call me Mr Radical for suggesting it, but maybe politicians and business people should look beyond these shores to see the effect Sunday opening hours have had elsewhere”¦ but that would mean adopting an approach that goes completely against the grain.

Playa las Vistas ““ On Show to the World
After being listed in Webcams around the World on the Fox News website, two of the most viewed webcams on the planet are the ones which point at Playa las Vistas in Los Cristianos and Las Galletas. The link on Fox News was accompanied by the text “˜Oh, someone take me there! Beautiful!’ I’m not sure if that meant the person who wrote it was expressing the desire to visit Las Vistas or to have sex there.

Sexy Wine in Tenerife

The most intriguing event of the week came courtesy of Bodegas Monje in El Sauzal who regularly hold interesting theme nights at their vineyard. On Saturday they came up with a real eye-opener; a wine & sex night.
Wine tasting and an aphrodisiac meal were followed by a demonstration of erotic products from La Maleta Roja and then, for the more adventurous, erotic games.

The mind positively boggles at what you could get up to in a vineyard. Nude grape treading might be quite fun and would no doubt lead to a few complimentary “˜full bodied’ remarks. I bet quite a few corks were popped that night.

The First Signs of Tenerife Carnaval 2011
Summer has barely started and the ‘C’ word has already been mentioned. The design of the poster for “˜Carnaval’ 2011 was unveiled in the capital, Santa Cruz last week. It was designed by Elena González, daughter of the late Enrique González (founder of Ni Fú-Ni Fá and “˜father of the murgas’) who is the subject of next year’s carnival and whose likeness beams out of the poster.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to…
The unelected mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, Marcos Brito who seems to want to suck the fun out of Puerto de la Cruz and ban water pistols during Embarkation Tuesday. Sometimes it feels as though Señor Brito, who regained power via some nifty political manoeuvring last year, is punishing the Portuenses for not voting for him.
Carnaval’s opening parade was cancelled, Mueca Festival cancelled and summer music festivals have also been given the boot. All events aimed at and enjoyed especially by the young and young spirited. Moaning that the Virgen del Carmen procession had become more of a water festival, he stated that if he had his way he’d ban the water pistols adding that “˜young people will have to find another way to have fun.’

He might find that “˜young people’ will come up with the perfect way to have a load of fun involving a pencil and a ballot paper next year.