Not as big as Santa Cruz, but carnival in El Puerto still involves tens of thousands of people and rocking street parties.

Main Dates: Between 3rd and 12th March

Main Events
Election of the Carnaval Queen: Thursday 3nd March
Time: 9pm
Location: Plaza Europa

Burial of the Sardine: Wednesday 9th March
Time: 9pm
Location: From Avenida Colón through the town to the harbour.

High Heels Marathon: One of the unique highlights of Puerto’s carnival takes place on Friday 11th March
Time: 4pm
Location: Avenida de Francisco La Roche y Marítima

Closing Parade: Coso Apoteosis takes place on Saturday 12th March
Time: 4pm
Location: From Avenida Colón to Plaza del Charco and then Calle San Felipe.

There are street parties every night from 5th to 12th (except Thursday 10th) in Plaza Charco, Calle Perdomo and at Casa Aduana.