Starring: Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Billy Connolly, Jason Segel

Plot: Would be travel writer Gulliver (Jack Black) lands a juicy assignment in Bermuda but en route the Bermuda Triangle has its wicked way with him and he ends up a giant in Lilliput which, as most of us know, is inhabited by teensy weensie people. Gulliver finds himself caught up in a war, scheming politics and facing a giant robot. All of which gives Jack Black lots of opportunities for deploying his full range of acting abilities ““ i.e. he raises his eyebrows a lot.

TM Rating: It’s a comedy. I’m telling you this because with the level of scriptwriting on offer here that little fact might not be apparent. The slapstick, schoolyard humour might be enjoyed by children, if Jack Black dropping his generous bottom on wee people is the sort of thing that rings their bells, but this is quite poor. Billy Connolly and Emily Blunt do their best to inject character and humour but Jack Black once again plays himself”¦a routine that is becoming increasingly boring. Fans of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver should steer clear.

4/10 ““ It’s in 3D and is Jack Black’s take on a classic novel ““ it was doomed from the start. If you thought Black couldn’t sink any lower than his cringing “˜”¦it was beauty killed the beast’ line in King Kong this might make you think again. Pity the movie wasn’t lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Screening Times: 7.20pm daily.

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