You can’t ignore us, so give us a big collective hug and welcome us into your lives. Tenerife Magazine is coming at you on all fronts, the website, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, to bring you crisp, interesting, and original stories and news about your favourite island.

All the team can draw on years of experience of island life and an almost unhealthy interest in what goes on in Tenerife. We will open doors, lift rocks and peer through all sorts of windows to show residents and visitors why we all love this island. Tenerife Magazine is fully interactive – no don’t shy away, technology isn’t a beast, it’s actually a soft furry friend that wants to curl up in your lap and purr.

If you are already up to speed with social media, you will be laughing your socks off at the rest of us cowering in the corner. If it’s all fairly new to you, fear not, take our hands and we will march defiantly together down the information super highway, making rude gestures at anyone trying to nudge us off onto the grass verges. Welcome.