Finca la Caldera is situated near Los Cristianos, in a scenery that is well described by its name – the farm is surrounded by huge ragged mountains, giving it the appearance of a volcanic caldera. There are so many special features of this farm that we decided to create an entire article about it.

The finca seen from above

Finca Caldera is producing more fruits and veggies with less resources

The thing that strikes you first is the technology used to grow those delicious veggies – hydroponics. If you were scratching your head while reading that word, let me explain it to you. With hydroponics, the roots of the plants are not in the ground – they are in a nutrient rich watery solution that is being recirculated. This way, you are not wasting any water, you have no weeds growing and there is not such a big need for pesticides because the crops don’t get infested that much. It is one of the best tools we have at the moment to make the agricultural industry more efficient and sustainable. Yes, I did use efficient and sustainable in the same sentence.

Plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables to choose from

The farm offers a safe and ethical environment for its workers

Because of the way the crops are set up in the hydroponic system, the farmers can work in decent conditions as they don’t have to bend over all the time. Also, there is not as much hard work needed as you would normally have in a classic farm because there are no weeds and almost no pests. Therefore, Finca Caldera is friendly with the planet but also the employees.

There is a nice market right at the farm

Being open every day of the week, from 8 till 5, the market offers a great variety of fresh produce, harvested from the farm and locally. There is no better way to buy fruits and veggies in season. Despite all those advantages, the best part about the market is the price – everything is so much cheaper than what you would normally find in the supermarket. Obviously, you cannot buy any fresher than this.

Get the healthiest and tastiest fruits & veggies

Veggie boxes at your door

So maybe you don’t have the time or the energy to go all the way to the finca. Well, the people there got you covered because they deliver veggie boxes at your door – leafy greens, seasonal fruits and vegetables, all ready for you. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you eat more healthily, without a lot of effort. Nevertheless, the veggie boxes have a great price and they are really worth it. 

So, these are only some of the reasons why Finca Caldera should be your main fruit and veggie provider. Instead of going to the supermarket and buying overpriced, not so fresh products, visit this farm, enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding it, take some veggies home and create a beautiful, savory dish. Let’s support local businesses together!

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