The second location for our Tenerife photo challenge is home to this bizarre looking fellow. He’s an odd looking creature for sure and with arms that look as though they belong to Big Bird and goat’s horns protruding from his head, he’s not someone you’d want to bump into on a dark night…or even a light one for that matter.

Just check out that leery grin and those outstretched arms which tell you that he is actually chasing someone.

Once you’ve seen this guy you aren’t likely to forget him and he is visible from the main road. But where on Tenerife is he?

Here’s a clue: He’s the main character in a much loved old tradition in this town.

Photo Challenge Update: Nobody recognised this fellow or where he lived, so I’ve added the answer to comments: – It’s El Palmar in Buenavista del Norte and he’s the devil in the traditional Baile de Libreas. Here’s some great YouTube footage of him in action – H&S officers look away now.

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