From volcanic wonderland to lush palm groves and rainforests that date back to before the Ice Age to a village tucked into the folds of seven million year old mountains ““ Tenerife has a mirador for every one of its stunning vistas.

Here is TM’s pick of the panoramic best ““ the ten must-see views on the island.

1. Pico Del Inglés ““ La Laguna
Getting to the Anaga Mountains from just about anywhere on Tenerife is a journey of epic proportions but the scenic rewards outweigh the effort. On roads that provide breathless views on every turn, the vanguard vista is at the mirador overlooking the English-esque green tapestry of Aguere Valley, the north airport, La Laguna and Mount Teide dominating the island.

2. Pico Viejo ““ Teide National Park
Taking the cable car to within 200 metres of the summit of Mount Teide and walking around the rim to the mirador overlooking the Pico Viejo (old peak) gives you the sort of screen shot normally reserved for dinosaur movie makers and astronauts.
3. Valle de Arriba ““ Santiago del Teide
Climbing the TF82 out of Santiago del Teide towards Icod de los Vinos, the Valle de Arriba mirador does what it says ““ it looks out across the beautiful Valle de Arriba towards Santiago del Teide and beyond, to the coast of Puerto Santiago. But for the bonus ball Mount Teide and Pico Viejo guard the heavens at the horizon.
4. El Lance ““ Los Realejos
El Lance is land marked by the magnificent sculpture of Mencey Bentor who, rather than be captured by the Spanish, threw himself to his death from the spot. From the north westerly point of Punta del Sol, all across the La Orotava Valley, to the dorsal mountains, Bentor now looks permanently out over the lands he fought so hard to protect
5. Cherfe ““ Masca
On the palm-sweating TF46 drive from Santiago del Teide to the hamlet of Masca, the Cherfe Mirador is part viewpoint, part nerve tester. From here, the clusters of Masca’s white buildings cling precariously to their rocky foothold, surrounded on three sides by towering peaks and teetering above the plunging ravine. It’s not a view for the faint hearted”¦or the clumsy footed.
6. Centinela ““ San Miguel de Abona
Providing a grandstand view of the volcanic cones of the south east and showing what existed before the rise of tourism, is the pretty mirador set into the hillside above the town of the same name. Today the arid scrubland is tattooed by the runways of the south airport, the incongruous greens of Golf Del Sur and the coastal developments of the south and east coast.
7. Archipenque ““ Los Gigantes
There’s no denying the WOW factor of the eponymous “˜giants’ of Los Gigantes and the best place to get their full perspective is at the mirador on the TF47 that climbs from the resort towards Tamaimo. Not only are the views over the cliffs, the village and the marina nothing short of awesome, but you can get an ice cream or a beer to go with them.

8. Parque Los Lavaderos ““ El Sauzal
The former open air laundry which is cut into the steep sides of the cliff is now the setting for quirky, scented gardens with a bohemian café selling speciality teas and brownies. It’s the perfect setting for drinking in the beauty of Tenerife’s most stunning coastline and arguably the best perspective of Teide’s gargantuan size.
9. Chimague and Chipeque ““ La Orotava
Just off the TF24 which runs along the spine of the island from La Laguna to Teide National Park are these “˜seat of the Gods’ twin miradors. From Chimegue you get the whole of the east coast laid before you with Gran Canaria on the horizon and from Chipeque you get the entire west coast and the island of La Palma.
10. Roques de Garcia ““ Teide National Park
From the gravity-defying Roque Chinchado and the up close and personal profile of the peak; to the desolation of the Llano de Ucanca lava fields, views don’t get much more out of this world than these.