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Think Tenerife is full of cheap and cheerful bars and restaurants serving bog standard Brit food? Think again. There are plenty of stylish contemporary, romantically rustic and historically atmospheric eateries in which to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day dinner with your soul mate.

1: Las Rocas ““ Costa Adeje
A tropical paradise venue on a terrace perched above the ocean. The place for a romantic meal bathed in the warm golden rays of the sun setting behind La Gomera.
Tel: (+34) 922 746 000

2: La Cuadra de San Diego ““ La Matanza
Take the courtyard of a 400 year old mansion, add a drago tree and a mouth-watering menu and hey presto ““ a wonderfully atmospheric setting for a romantic Valentine’s meal.
Tel: (+34) 922 578 385

3: La Voile Blanche ““ La Caleta
Contemporary restaurant with exquisite décor in lovely little La Caleta. The presentation of the food is so imaginative that it’s difficult to say whether it looks better on a plate, or hanging in an art gallery.
Tel: (+34) 922 775 829

4: Los Roques ““ Los Abrigos
Style, sophistication and delicious looking and tasting cuisine beside Los Abrigos’ small harbour ““ for lovers who like the exhilarating smell of the sea served as an accompaniment to their meal.
Tel: (+34) 922 749 401

5: El Pimentón ““ Arico
Tucked away in one of Tenerife’s most delightful “˜secret’ plazas in Arico Nuevo, El Pimentón’s warm, welcoming and intimate dining room is perfect for couples who want to get cosy far from the madding crowd.
Tel: (+34) 922 768 486

6: Casa Pache ““ Puerto de la Cruz
Located in the delightfully named and plant-lined “˜Street of Truth’, Casa Pache has lots of eclectically decorated little rooms in which to share culinary treasures with someone special.
Tel: (+34) 922 389 031

7: La Baranda ““ El Sauzal
A museum might not sound like the most romantic location for dinner, but La Baranda just happens to be set in a 17th century hacienda”¦and it’s a wine museum anyway. Where better to eat drink and be very, very merry?
Tel: (+34) 922 563 886

8: La Tasquita de Nino ““ San Miguel de Abona
Beautiful polished wood and an exquisite mezzanine dining area make this former post office and cantina in an 18th century townhouse a lovely spot for a tête à tête dining experience
Tel: (+34) 922 700 463

9: El Monasterio ““ Los Realejos
Where better to revel in a sinful dining experience than a beautifully restored monastery? With a choice of restaurants on a volcanic cone overlooking the La Orotava Valley, this is one of the most stunning restaurants on Tenerife. There are even extensive gardens; perfect for an after dinner stroll hand in hand with the one you love.
Tel: (+34) 922 343 311

10: La Bodeguita de Enfrente ““ Santa Ursula
The saying “˜size doesn’t matter’ applies perfectly to this gem of a place. Intimate in the extreme and a treasure trove in which to share some of the most delicious tapas going.
Tel: (+34) 922 302 760

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