Starring: Steve Carrell, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews

Plot: Gru (Steve Carrell) is a heinous villain who is plotting to steal the moon using shrink ray guns. His evil plan to get his hands on the guns and the moon involves an army of robotic minions and”¦err adopting three adorable orphan girls. The question is, will the experience of being father to three little girls make Gru see the error of his ways, or will he still end up reaching for the stars?

TM Rating: Titled Despicable Me in the UK this animated film features all the ingredients we’ve come to expect form these type of Pixar inspired movies. It’s aimed at children, includes sassy and cute likeable characters and also has enough witty moments to keep adults from stifling the yawns. Having an evil villain plotting a master crime whilst struggling to come to terms with the responsibilities of fatherhood is an original enough concept that offers more than enough amusing scenarios. And thankfully, the cute orphans aren’t sickly sweet and annoying which is a bonus.

6/10: Gru isn’t a classic of its type and doesn’t match Pixar’s quality offerings, but it is good fun, has lots of funny moments and won’t disappoint the children.

Screening Times: 7.10pm daily.

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