Starring: Mickey Rourke, Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto

Plot: King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) threatens to send the world spiralling into chaos by setting free an army of Titans to challenge the gods. Unable to use their powers to directly interfere in the destiny of man, the gods give Theseus (Henry Cavill) the task of stopping Hyperion and his muscle-bulging army.

TM Rating: Despite some dodgy scripts and creaky acting, movies involving Greek Mythology have been performing well at the box office ““ otherwise the critically panned Clash of the Titans wouldn’t have a second instalment coming out at the end of March. Although The Immortals storyline also revolves around Titans, the style and tone of this particular slice of mythological hokum is probably closer to 300 than Clash of the Titans.

It’s another tale of man taking on the gods in super stylish fashion (i.e. cinematography and effects rather than in the clothes sense) and there’s no denying The Immortals is stunning to look at, featuring gore galore as Theseus takes on overwhelming odds in a bid to save the world.
Like the Greek myths it’s based on, The Immortals is suitably epic in scope but unlike Greek mythology, not in substance. However, it’s a decent enough offering of its kind and people who were thrilled by 300 should lap it up as should people who get excited by any film involving that involves lots of gleaming breastplates and flashing blades.

7/10 ““ The Immortals is diverting enough, exciting and is visually stunning. But in terms of satisfying film fans” cinematic appetites it’s a snack rather than a slap up meal.

Screening Times: 3.30pm daily till 2nd February

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