From a perfect set of buttocks or an octopus tentacle escaping from a basket, to being a bath time voyeur ““ these are my top Tenerife stone people.

1. The Fish Wife ““ Puerto de la Cruz.
At the entrance to the harbour, Julio Nieto’s pretty fish wife with her flowing skirts and her mouth poised mid “cockles, and muscles, alive, alive -o” (or whatever the Spanish equivalent is) is a beautiful tribute to the town’s fishing industry which is still one of its biggest assets.

2. Mencey Bentor – Los Realejos.
Marking the spot from which he threw himself to his death rather than see his beloved island enslaved to the enemy, Mencey Bentor rails at the sky and the hopelessness of the Guanche plight against the Spanish conquistadors. The stunning views are enhanced even more by this impressively proportioned hero.

3. Fecundidad ““ Parque García Sanabria, Santa Cruz.
Casting all who see her into the role of bath time voyeurs, the fountain setting of Fecundidad is irresistible memory stick fodder. Rainbows dance around her permanently wet, plump knees as she bathes ““ the perfect depiction of the fertility of this paradise island.

4. Museo del Pescador ““ Puerto Santiago.
Bernard Romain’s fantastic depiction of life on and below the ocean’s waves on the building’s façade is easily missed as you navigate the bend but at the risk of taking out a headlamp, it’s a west coast must-see.

5. ‘Courage’ ““ Plaza del Principe, Santa Cruz.
The orator seems so at home beneath the trees in the busy Principe park where he daily preaches his gospels. Joining his audience on the plinth, Hanneke Beaumont’s art work provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to get in on the act.

6. Teatro Guimerá.
The iconic bronze mask is a stunning landmark for the capital’s historic theatre and what’s more, by leaning nonchalantly against the nose, it lends itself to the coolest of 70s album cover poses.

7. Alonso Díaz ““ Santiago del Teide.
Testament to the power of perseverance and the victory of the little man against the might of conquest, the Guanche goatherd Díaz and his kid goat have come to symbolize the pretty rural hamlet in which they reside.

8. Monument to the Fallen, Plaza España.
Proving irresistible to anyone with a penchant for the perfect buttocks are the warriors who stand guard over the Spanish Civil War memorial in the capital’s heart.

9. Cha Domitila ““ Arguayo.
Illustrating the strength and skill of the women who traditionally crafted the distinctive pottery of the area, these sculptures look perfect against their cliff face backdrop.

10. Monument to the Defeat of Nelson, Santa Cruz.
The distraught woman with her clenched fists is the perfect depiction of defiance as she stands as firm and as unmovable as the Anaga Mountains behind her.

And just to keep all you sculpture fans out there happy, the photo of the woman on the home page is the Monument to the Defeat of Nelson. Mencey Bentor was our photo challenge a while back. And here are photos of the rest of the top ten. From left to right: The two pottery girls of Cha Domitila, Courage in Santa Cruz (clearly taking a night class) and Alonso Díaz with his dinner…err I mean goat.