Our team had an entertaining and really insightful excursion to the Piramides de Güimar in Tenerife with the organization of Viajes Teide. We’ve explored the history and underlying mystery of the pyramids, and now we also want to introduce to you this exciting holiday activity, to spice up your vacation in Tenerife.

The mystery of the Piramides de Güimar

The Ethnographic Park & Botanical Garden was founded in 1998 by Thor Heyerdahl, a famous Norwegian researcher. He believed that there is an ancient connection between the step pyramids all around the globe, and he was sure the ones on Tenerife are one of the many that sun worshipers used as their sanctuary. Heyerdahl dedicated much of his life to the study of the pyramids and the cultural origins of ancient civilizations. 

In contrast to his findings, contemporary scholars believe that they are not pyramids, just heaps of stones gathered in the 19th century by farmers who were clearing the land for cultivation.

Which theory do you support?

What you can explore in Güimar

Visitors have a chance to explore the pyramids, botanical gardens, the famous Poison Garden and the Tropicarium too, on an area as big as 20.000 square meters. Also, you can enjoy the exhibition about the Easter Islands and the colonization of Polynesia. Within the museum, you can find the reproduction of cultural relics from the Old and the New World alike. Discover the pyramids around the globe with one of the largest photographic collections of stepped pyramids.

Moreover, you can immerse yourself into the findings of Thor Heyerdahl in the Auditorium, where you will have a chance to watch a 15-minute-long documentary that narrates his exhibitions.

The Poison Garden we’ve mentioned before houses over 70 poisonous plant species. This exhibition is unique in Spain, and we are sure that you will be surprised because you will encounter with plants you may be surrounded by every day. 

Check out some of the photos we took on this excursion, and add this venue to your holiday plans.

Author: Nikoletta Szabó

Website: https://rocketing.hu/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/n_ikcsi/