Not everyone wants to spend their holidays getting up at the crack of dawn to throw towels over a poolside sun lounger so they can pass the day travelling no further than the distance from the shallow end to the bar. For many of us, a trip to Tenerife simply wouldn’t be complete without a few days on the beach.
But the cost of hiring sun beds and that all important umbrella can quickly mount up over the course of a week or two’s holidays to Tenerife.

In order to ease the financial burden of all that soaking up Tenerife’s rays, I have undertaken extensive and exhaustive research on Tenerife’s beaches (no sniggering or comments of “˜nice work if you can get it’ please) in order to compare the price of hiring sun beds.
Now all you have to do is factor that cost into your holiday and decide if it’s worth re-mortgaging the house for a spot on the beach outside your hotel door, or saving up to 50% of your expenditure by moving a few deckchair spaces along the coast”¦

So here in the interests of best value for money is the cost of hiring a sun bed and parasol at ten of Tenerife’s most popular sun worshipping venues:

Joint 10th place. Coming in at least value for money on Tenerife at a staggering €10 for a sun bed and parasol are Playa Fañabe (above) and Playa Torviscas (green zone). Spend your whole fortnight on either of these Costa Adeje beaches and you’ll run up a holiday extra of €140!
8th place. Just 20 cents short of sharing the least value podium is Playa Del Duque at a whopping great €9.80. At least you have the on-beach entertainment here thrown in for free.
7th place. Proving that location, location, location really does make a difference, just a few yards further along the same sand, Playa Torviscas turns into a yellow zone and the prices drop by €2 to €8 for a sun bed and parasol.

Joint 6th place. Occupying the central ground at a fairly reasonable €6 for a day’s comfort and shade are three of Tenerife’s most popular beaches; Playa Camisón in Playa de Las Américas, Las Vistas (above) in Los Cristianos and Playa de la Arena on the West coast.
3rd place. Heading towards the top spot for canny sun-seekers is Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz which stacks up at a very reasonable €5.50 for a day beside the sea.
Joint 1st place. Winners of Tenerife’s best value for money beach furniture at a very holiday budget-conscious €5 for a sun bed and parasol are the lovely Playas Troya 1 and 2 in Costa Adeje where two weeks in the sun will cost you precisely half of what it’ll cost you further along the same coast.
And special mention goes to the fabulous Lago Martiánez in Puerto de la Cruz where you get to feel like you’re on the set of a Bond movie for your €5 sun bed and parasol.

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