This might prove to be one of our easiest Tenerife photo challenges…but then again you just never know?

A photo of a bench would normally seem an odd choice and difficult to place. However, maybe not when the bench in question looks as ornate as this one ““ not quite the same anonymity as those that line the promenades of Tenerife’s coastal towns.

As benches go this is a particularly attractive specimen and the wonderful old tobacco advert adds to its good looks…but where on Tenerife is it?

This month we’re after the exact name of this place as well as where it’s located. This spot has two names, a common one and an official one. Either will do, but award yourself a bonus point if you know both.

There’s also a reason why we’ve chosen this image as the photo challenge for July, so an extra special kudos point to anyone who knows what that reason is.

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