It’s a glorious day here at Golf las Americas and the sun is beating down onto the greens from a cloudless blue sky. The opening day of the Tenerife Ladies Match Play is kicking off with the pro-am competition which features three amateur players teeing off alongside each pro player.

Wandering the course, I watch Emma Cabrera-Bello sink her putt at the 10th before going onto the hole that all the pro players hope will be lucky for them. The first pro player to get a hole-in-one at the 11this in line for a shiny, red Stingray SX sports boat with 260 HP of sleek, sexy promise waiting.

Cabrera didn’t get it. I”M tempted to hang around and witness the joyous event but it’s going to be quite some time before all the players reach the 11th, and what if no-one gets it? Across the fairway I spot John Beckley and Sir Old Golfer who are partnering the Slovakian Zuzana Kamasova.

It doesn’t seem to be going too well for them. They’re leaving the 10th and heading to the 11th. Somehow I think the Stingray’s probably safe for the time being.