Plot: It’s Sex and the City ““ It’s the outfits that matter here, not the plot for god’s sake. In this second cinematic outing our four perfectly manicured, sassy New York gals are still having relationship problems ““ so what’s new? They jump at the chance of an escape-from-it-all luxury holiday in Abu Dhabi. But in the sweltering desert things don’t quite go as planned and the heat is turned up when an old flame of Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) makes an appearance.

TM Rating: After the machisimo action of Robin Hood it’s time to slip on the Manolo Blahnik’s (picked up at a very good price from a beachside Tenerife hawker) and head to Gran Sur for a bit of pampering.
Unsurprisingly slated by the critics, Sex and the City 2 is as shallow as a Las Américas puddle, but that’s part of its appeal. This isn’t meant to be thought provoking or ground breaking cinema ““ it’s just another showcase for funky fashion, cool cocktails and snappy New York one-liners”¦or should that be eye-liners. Sex and the City fans will know exactly what to expect.

7/10 ““ Sex and the City 2 is really for die hard fans eager to lap up more of the same. If you hated the series, have never watched it, or are a male who has attitudes that are still circa 1955, keep well away. Head instead to the other English language film on offer this week, Dorian Gray at the Zentral Centre in Las Américas and leave us SATC fans to enjoy this piece of kitsch nonsense.

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