Anger and sorrow have followed the deaths of 2 women on the beach at Los Gigantes this afternoon, up to 6 other people are feared trapped under the rocks. Early reports say the victims are a 57-year-old British woman and a 34-year-old from Arona.

Owners of business’s near the beach are angry after a series of smaller rockfalls over the past few years, and in particular one incident a month ago when swimmers had their towels buried under rubble. At the time the area was merely taped off despite protests from locals.

John Beckley of Tenerife Magazine was one of the first on the scene after the 3pm tragedy, and helped the rescue efforts before police and fire service teams arrived. The pictures on here were taken by John and are also on our Flickr account.

Our thoughts go out to the families and friends of those killed and injured.

We will bring you updates as we get them.

UPDATE – It looks like there are no people trapped as first feared. Police have scaled down the search after sniffer dogs could find no trace of bodies under the rubble. The full scale of the rock fall is now becoming clear, the section that fell was 40 metres (130 feet) long.

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