Starring: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz

Plot: June Havens (Cameron Diaz) suffers from an allergy to serious relationships”¦until she becomes entangled with super cool, super-spy Roy Miller (Tom Cruise). From then on it’s wham, bam thank you ma’am as rogue agent, Miller, realising he’s on a mission that he isn’t supposed to survive, tries to outrun his pursuers with the lovely Ms Diaz in tow.
Plane crashes, car chases, fights on trains, avoiding rampaging bulls and explosions galore ensue as a frantic race for survival takes the sexy stars on a voyage across the world.
The question is will they survive? More importantly, will June ditch her commitment phobia and literally fall head over heels for her action man companion?

7/10 ““ Tom Cruise as Roy Miller, surely a send up of Ethan Hunt, is an engaging and slightly mental hero, whilst Cameron Diaz, looking as lovely as ever, is definitely second billing in this fast and furiously paced action rom-com.
Knight and Day (note the K in the title, not quite the same as the “˜Noche’ of the Spanish version) is typical blockbuster summer fare ““ no firing up of the brain cells required, simply sit back and enjoy the fun.
Cruise and Diaz work well together, but don’t smoulder anywhere like as much as Brangelina did in the sexier and wittier Mr and Mrs Smith a few years ago.

Enjoyable fluff with a few knowing winks in the direction of OO7, Hitchcock and Mission Impossible, but in this case it’s more mission improbable.

Screening Times: 3.30pm daily.

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