The collision of small fragments of Asteroid Phaeton with the atmosphere will lead to one of the most striking rains stars than are produced annually, with about 100 shooting stars per hour.

The maximum intensity is expected at 18:00  Canarian time on December 14.

The best time for observation will be the night of 14 to 15 December. This year, amateur astronomers and anyone who want to contemplate, you can do like I was in Tenerife, an island that has one of the clearest skies in the world. The broadcast will be online on television and from the Tenerife Tourism website

During the meeting it was also connected with the islands of La Palma and Fuerteventura as well as Caceres.

There will be two broadcasts, one at 17: 55-18: 10 TU and another at 22: 00-22: 45 UT.

Make a wish! proposed that for each meteor, a wish is made. Those who are interested can send in a video or text on Twitter with the hashtag #UnaEstrellaUnDeseo #WishonaStar and quote @