Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife.

Sinéad O’Connor to Perform in Tenerife
There are around 24 acts from around the world lined up to perform in Caja Canarias” Otoño Cultural programme between 7th October and the 30th November.
Although there are some top artists from America, Tunisia and Portugal, the news which will probably be of most interest to British visitors and residents is that Sinéad O’Connor will be one of the headline acts. Her concert is due to take place at the Espacio Cultural in Santa Cruz on 19th November and tickets will cost €30.

It Just Doesn’t Add Up
Tenerife will be the location of the Mental Mathematics World Championships in 2012. The event will be held in La Laguna between the 15th and 18th September next year. Local maths whiz Salvador Bisshop who has won medals in previous championships said that the Spanish were amongst the best minds in the world when it came mental maths…but clearly not when it came to the question of national economics and the balancing of council budgets.

The Beatles in Tenerife Photos
Any Fab Four fans out there who want to pick up some photos of The Beatles relaxing on Tenerife (Puerto de la Cruz) need to catch a flight to Manhattan and Guernsey’s Auction House. The pics are up for sale there on the 23rd and 24th September.

Tweets, Tuits or Twits?
In a bid to illustrate how social media savvy Tenerife tourist authorities were, the Vice President for Tourism announced a contest aimed at tourists and locals to promote, in 140 characters, the best of Tenerife using social media platform Twitter.

It’s a great idea…in theory.

First problem was the name of the competition ““ ‘tenerife en 1 Tuit`.’twitter is of course a brand and those who use it ‘tweet‘. They don’t ‘tuit” although there are debates that the Spanish speaking world should use their own version ‘tuit”.

But this competition was supposedly aimed at tourists as much as locals, so surely the world recognised ‘tweet” was more appropriate and less confusing. In theory yes, but the small print of the competition states ‘El premio incluye los gastos de transporte del libro al domicilio de los ganadores, que deberá estar en territorio español’. Basically, ‘the prize includes postage of the book (the prize) to the winner’s home address, which should be in Spanish territory’.

Under the belief (because that’s what the blurb said) this was a competition aimed at all tourists as well as locals we asked the organisers of the contest, using Twitter, if ‘tenerife en 1 Tuit` was only for people living on Spanish soil. The answer that came back was – ‘in principle, yes” followed by another that said there would be a competition later for tourists from other countries.

‘tenerife en 1 Tuit` has confused more than engaged which is a shame; it was a good idea badly executed. It’s definitely a case of back to the social media drawing board guys.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to…The Dirección General de Costas
It’s easy to imagine the director of the Dirección General de Costas as a power mad super villain, laughing manically as he orders the destruction of more and more villages around Tenerife’s coasts. Next on the hit list is little Los Roques in Fasnia where the Dirección General de Costas has declared that four houses and a church built by emigrants returning from Venezuela in the middle of the last century are to be destroyed. To anyone with a modicum of common the Costas” policy is hard to digest especially as their wrecking ball always seems directed at the houses of the poorest members of Tenerife society. We look at other areas of Tenerife’s coast that are being ruined by developers and the construction of a port that it feels only the politicians want and wonder what the difference is. Actually we don’t really wonder at all. When was the last time a rich man’s house was at risk?

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