In the second of our series going undercover of the night to check Tenerife’s nightlife, Tenerife Magazine went bar hopping in Costa Adeje.

With the sun casting a golden glow over the land, I knew the perfect place to begin investigating Costa Adeje’s nightlife. Lighthouses usually act as a warning to steer clear, but the one at Faro Chill Art Bar is a beacon attracting the effortlessly cool, beautiful people”¦well, them and me.

Faro Chill Art Bar ““ Part One
Ãber-chic and then some, Faro Chill Art is the type of bar that deserves to be frequented by Hollywood stars. The décor oozes such style and imagination that even if I’d been wearing a carnival queen’s costume I’d have felt dull and conservative by comparison. After being tempted by the Zen terrace and the Mediterranean blue cushions of the Greek terrace, I ordered a glass of vino and climbed to the Ítaca terrace to enjoy the sunset from the rooftop. Drink prices at Faro are higher than average, but a visit is an experience not to be missed – and guys you have to try the bathroom. Feeling like I was being adulterous by simply visiting the loo was a unique experience.

By 10pm, it was time to stop chilling and start rocking.

In & Out
In & Out’s typically beach side tables and chairs can’t match Faro’s style. But you don’t need style when you’ve got heavy metal heroes, Soundchaser wowing the crowds night after night. I’d read rave reviews about Soundchaser, but was still blown away by how good they were. Note-perfect covers of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Dream Theater and Cream classics as well as their own compositions had old and new rockers in the crowd head-banging in ecstasy. Lead singer, Marcos Rodriguez possesses bucket loads of charisma and his witty asides pumped up the entertainment factor; at one point casting his eyes heavenwards in disgust as a woeful version of Sailing drifted down from a karaoke bar above. Again prices were a bit higher than average (€3.50 for a pint of lager, €8 for a spirit and mixer), but good value with a quality band like Soundchaser in the mix.

Captivated by Soundchaser’s demonic spell I’d lingered longer than I’d planned; reluctantly I tore myself away to seek out other forms of nightlife.

I paused outside Moonlight Bar, but strains of Engelbert Humberdinck emanating from inside had me quickening my step again. Following Soundchaser with music that was outdated when I was a teenager just didn’t do it for me. Similarly AJ’s Bar None lacked the buzz I sought and I wondered if I’d been spoiled by Soundchaser. Then the sound of soft reggae weaved its way through the night and I instantly knew my next stop.

Lisboa Bar
An unassuming bar whose mock Tudor beams seemed unusual for somewhere with a Portuguese name. It turned out that it was under new ownership and had only been open in its current incarnation for two months. There was nothing particularly special about the bar except that Grinder Circus, the two guitar playing musicians who formed the bar’s band, were creating some damn fine music; a quasi-acoustic mix of reggae and hip-swaying Cuban sounds with some U2 thrown in for good measure. It was simply a friendly bar in which to knock back a beer (€2).

Eleven thirty and time for pastures new. Onwards and upwards took me past Harley’s. Having a cocktail in the back of an open topped Cadillac looked fun, but I was seeking something livelier. A few steps more and I found it.

St Eugene’s
The perfect holiday bar, St Eugene’s (or Eugen’s – the website has two different spellings) was a revelation. An attractive bar with soft lighting and greenery giving it a warm and welcoming ambience. It was packed with people who weren’t just having a good time; they were having a party. Eugene’s was buzzing and that set it apart from bars I’d body swerved. This was clearly helped by the act, IS who kept the dance floor filled with crowd pleasing tunes ranging from Mowtown favourites to the Black Eyed Peas and Kings of Leon (note to other bars churning out Please Release Me & Little Old Wine Drinker Me – everyone from 16 to 60 year olds sang along to The Kings of Leon). Bar service was quick (just as well as the table service wasn’t) and prices were reasonable given the entertainment (€3 a pint of lager). The atmosphere in Eugene’s was such good fun that I was sorry when IS finished their set.

By 1am bars seemed to be winding down and I was about to call it a night when I noticed that cars were streaming into the area.

Faro Chill Art Bar ““ Part Two
A botellón (open air party) was in full flow in the plaza outside Faro and hundreds of young Canarios downed JD’s and Coke before joining a massive queue snaking towards the entrance to Faro.

The queues were too long and I felt way too old to re-enter Faro’s world at this point anyway. So, as bars aimed at visitors wound down and those aimed at Canarios filled up, I decided I’d hopped my last bar and it was time for a meeting with the sandman.

Factfile: All bars featured are located in the area around and above Puerto Colón. Soundchaser perform nightly from 9.30pm at In & Out: There are different acts each night at St Eugene’s from 10pm: Faro Chill Art also regularly features theme nights and live music – keep an eye on their website for details

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