Rafa Nadal’s Uncle Tony, was recently on the Island, giving a tennis clinic at the C.T.Nautico Club in Santa Cruz, and the news for the Island is that he “was very impressed with the standard of the juniors here” so great for the future of Tenerife.
Above is a photo of Toni Nadal and the youngsters.

And a great tennis event coming up at the Club de Tenis in Puerto de la Cruz, starting the 10th to the 16th July.

It’s a mixed doubles event for married couples, which the club are advertising as “What God has joined together, let no tennis match separate” (also padel)

For details contact the club on 922 383784. If you have problems with the Spanish, ask for Marcos.

Tennis Tip Number 1
As promised I will be giving you all out there in tennistenerifeland, a free tip.
Now the tip will not be a technical one, as you have to pay your local coach for those, but these tips will be to try and help you in your general preparation for tennis, and so to the first tip.

When you go out on the court, what is the first thing you should do before you start your game (and let us presume you are playing doubles)?

Well the first thing of course should be to toss or spin the racket to decide on who serves or who receives, or the end of the court.
The number of club players I see go out, start the usual warm up, and then spin to decide who serves first. WRONG.

Decide before you warm up, then you are practicing the correct end of the court.

And also remember if you elect to serve, the other team elect the end to play. If you elect the end, the other team have the choice to serve or to receive. If you elect to receive, the other team can chose the end to serve from.
So be as the four clever guys below, who are doing the right thing!

Anyone out there who would like a tennis question answered please add a comment after the article.

Have fun!