Restaurants by the sea on Tenerife are nearly as numerous as the grains of sand on the playas they overlook. Restaurants by the sea that have a stylish pizazz about them and offer a sophisticated setting for a long leisurely lunch, or romantic sunset dinner are as rare as a rainy day in July.

Apart from occupying an envious position with views that sweep from both Troya beaches to the south west coast and La Gomera on the horizon, La Terrazza del Mare in Costa Adeje possesses the sort of chic good looks that demand your company for a cooling, pre-dinner cocktail whilst enjoying the warmth of the sun’s final rays of the day.

The first thing that struck me about La Terrazza del Mare was the choice of unique corners in which to eat and chill out with friends. Canvas teepees are a fun place for a soiree with mates whilst Balinese-style raised cabins create a wonderfully intimate dining space and tables for two with prime views overlooking the beach fit many people’s idea of what the setting for a romantic meal should look like. Leafy plants, tumbling floral displays and sunflower bright flowers in smoked glass add the finishing touches to La Terrazza del Mare’s tasteful good looks.

We’ve established the décor looks the part, but does the food at La Terrazza del Mare live up to the dressing? There was only one way to find out.

The Main attraction, The Menu at La Terrazza del Mare

The Mediterranean menu appealed right away; the Mediterranean style of utilising fresh ingredients to create dishes that aren’t too heavy in their delivery are ideal for hot climates in my view. Additionally a menu that features pastas, pizzas, fish and meat choices has something to appeal to most culinary tastes.

After a lot of humming and hawing we opted for a mixed starter of Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil; Andalusian prawns with sweet chilli and alioli dips; Andalusian squid and Catalunian tomato bread with cured ham. The prawns were succulent and coated in a beautifully crisp, light tempura batter and the squid, also coated in a light batter was nicely tender. I’d become a big fan of the Catalunian bread (pan tumaca) having just been presented with it at nearly every meal in Costa Brava recently so was intrigued to taste Terrazza del Mare’s version of making it more like toasted garlic bread with a tomato and olive oil topping. It was a variation that worked well for me, especially combined with a cured ham topping.

For main course we went along with the recommendations from manager, Pepe; grilled sea bass and as pizzas are one of the restaurant’s specialities, pizza parmigiani accompanied by a bottle of Tajinaste – an appropriately light, fruity red wine from Tacoronte.

The presentation of the sea bass, two fillets sandwiching a layer of al dente asparagus, carrots and cucumber, was as immaculate as the Terrazza’s décor and the fish was crispy skinned with moist, flaky flesh. The pizza parmigiani was equally attractive with a thin, crispy base, lots of parmesan shavings and flavours that were unlocked by a drizzle of spicy olive oil that delivered a taste-bud wakening kick.

A generous slice of tiramisu, that was thankfully lovely and light, and an equally generous slice (their version of ‘a small piece please’) of tangy lemon meringue pie finished off what was an enjoyable meal in relaxing and extremely ambient surroundings.

La Terrazza del Mare Summary
It doesn’t take a fashionista to see that La Terrazza del Mare prides itself on appearance. Apart from the fact it adds good looks to the area, I like the restaurant’s approach to making eating a more interesting experience with the likes of hosting cocktail competitions, introducing brunch menus and the great sounding chill house Sunday which involves enjoying cocktails and paella as the sun goes down. At La Terraza del Mare they’re attempting to inject innovation into dining and that should be applauded.

Tenerife magazine’s five star rating for La Terraza del Mare

Décor ““ 4 stars. La Terrazza del Mare looks the part of an upmarket, stylish restaurant with superb views. As inviting a venue for cocktails as it is for dining.
Menu ““ 4 stars. A relatively select Mediterranean menu that shows some imagination and has choices to suit many tastes.
Food ““ 3.5 stars. The presentation of the food was as tasteful as the surroundings and there was no faulting its freshness or how it was cooked, but overall the flavours in the main courses were pleasing rather than sensational.
Service ““ 4 stars. Very professional and attentive service and the advice from Pepe, the manager, was extremely helpful.
Where, when and how
Paseo Marítimo behind Playa Troya, Costa Adeje; +34 922 79 64 28; open 11am to 2am daily, last food order – 11.30pm, last cockatil order – 1.30am;
Prices vary as the restaurant also serves snacks and breakfast. The cost of a meal at La Terrazza del Mare is about average for the area, which makes it quite good value considering its individualistic style. Starters begin from €5.50, main courses from €7.50. There is a great value 3 course lunch option for €9.90.

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