Selling your home is a big decision but it doesn’t need to be as stressful as you expect. What many people don’t appreciate fully is that relatively small things can often affect the value you will get from selling your home in a big way!

Buying a property is not something that most people jump into lightly, as it is one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lives. Because of this, they can be easily put-off by relatively small factors. Don't worry though as many of these can be easily fixed, especially once you take a look at this list of '6 Ways to Easily Increase the Value of your Property'Click To Tweet

The exterior must be kept clean, tidy and attractive:

While it may seem to be a cliche to say “First impressions are lasting impressions”, it is just as true for properties as it is for people. Before going for an initial viewing it is very likely that a prospective home-buyer will already have taken a look at your property online, but this will merely have offered them a virtual representation. When they walk up to the outside of your property for the first time, the first true test will begin.

If the first sight that a potential buyer is confronted by is exterior mess/untidiness, then this immediately gives a bad impression that is enough to put many people off. They may have appreciated the fancy photos or videos online, but reality doesn’t always live up to expectation.

Basic steps you can take to give a great first impression include making sure your garden is free from clutter and weeds, that it is swept well and any plants are neatly pruned. You should also keep your swimming pool free from leaves/debris and clean it.

Washing outside fixtures like the front door and all the windows is also a must. To make a big impact for a small price and effort it’s also a great idea to repaint the front door, garage door, window frames and other features. To maximise the attractiveness of the exterior of your home you could also consider some bright, colourful flowers for that extra touch.

Invest in a professional home cleaning service:

When a buyer arrives to view your property they will almost certainly be looking very closely and quite possibly notice details that they wouldn’t ordinarily when living in the property themselves. This is because buying a new home is such a big decision, so that small patch of dust in the corner may just catch their eye and not in a good way!

You will be surprised how much dust, dirt and grime accumulates in those harder to reach areas, even if you give your home a regular weekly clean. To successfully market your property looking its absolute best, a professional home cleaning service is a great investment.

During this process, a small team of professionally trained cleaning professionals will spend a number of hours thoroughly cleaning your house from top to bottom, room to room, with other options available to add on such as an oven clean. The added benefit for you is that these teams use equipment that most ordinary people don’t own such as pressure steam washers.

Repaint the inside of the house:

Considering how little it will cost, it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. Buyers will almost certainly take note of the freshly painted interior, so despite the effort taken, it will definitely be worth your while to do this.

Before, during and after the sale of a property, there are a huge number of different things a property buyer will have to do. The attractiveness of your home will be significantly increased if the rooms in your house are newly painted, as this is one thing that a buyer then doesn’t have to worry about.

One important factor to take note of when you do decide to repaint is to pick a pleasant neutral colour like beige or white, as this will be appealing to the highest proportion of buyers. On the flip-side, some buyers will be put off if you have used a polarising colour such as bright colours like yellow, purple or pink, or dark shades like chocolate-brown or navy. Instead of reducing hassle the potential buyer will be thinking that they will need to repaint once they move in.

To eliminate potential questions pay attention to the little details:

Due to the high costs involved in purchasing a new property, potential buyers will be highly attentive to little details, in the same way, that they will notice if it hasn’t been properly cleaned. Most buyers are looking for as little hassle as possible when they move in, by avoiding having to replace things. The sale of your property can be made or broken based on little details, or alternatively, they can lead to your property becoming devalued.

It is easy to take care of small details such as: replacing any broken tiles in the kitchen and bathroom and cleaning and re-grouting the rest, replacing light switches, handles, shower curtains, taps and light shades. Also, because trailing electrical leads can look unsightly thus drawing the buyer’s attention to a problem, you could also consider adding extra sockets.

Remove clutter and personal items:

Potential buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your house when they are on a viewing. This idea could be blocked though if it is full of your personal items such as books, DVDs, toys, computers and family photos.

It is a big turn-off for a potential buyer if every room is filled with clutter or there are family photos, while a few photos and other family items in the whole house shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, the house will appear messy if it is filled with stuff which will decrease its’ attractiveness.

Make your property appear as light as possible: 

Lightening and Brightening a home was found to be one of the top home repairs to increase the value of a home, and turn it from merely a good home to a great one in the eyes of buyers, according to a survey conducted by HomeGain. You can add a significant amount to the price of your home, by increasing the light (both natural and artificial) which will make your rooms appear as large as possible.

There are a number of different ways that you can do this including removing large curtains which are blocking out too much light, cleaning all windows and replacing any broken or clouded window panes, replacing old weaker light bulbs for new energy-efficient LED’s, putting in a skylight, and pruning or removing any plants outside which may be blocking light entering the home.

These are just some of the steps you can take to help increase the attractiveness and value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers. For more tips and different options on where to sell your home in Tenerife, contact us here at Tenerife Magazine. If you found this article useful then please share below.

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