Music is the heartbeat of Tenerife and the summer of dance is striding into September with the Ritmos Del Mundo concert at Siam Park on Saturday 10 September. Fedde Le Grand from Holland is a top DJ and producer and will be headlining the feast of music.

Very much in demand, Fedde will fly in from performing the previous night at the O2 Arena in Berlin, part of a hectic year that has included residencies at Space in Ibiza, and Ministry Of Sound in London, and a total of 40 different venues. Fedde grabbed a well earned break to tell what makes him spin.

TM – What music influenced you growing up?

Fedde – I was influenced by a lot of different music, from pop like Michael Jackson, who I love, to funk bands like Parliament, George Clinton is a huge hero of mine. I also listened to a lot of hip-hop ““ I started out playing hip-hop but gradually started to move into house music the more I started record shopping.

TM – How do you choose songs to re-mix. (Missing, the 1994 hit from Everything But The Girl, is the latest to get a DJ Fedde update).

Fedde – Most of the remixes I make start off just because I love the original track but want to make an edit of it that fits into my set. They’re always for personal use first, then people start to ask me to release them, and if we can get everything cleared then we’ll go ahead.

TM – Your tour dates look tough going. How do you relax and keep fit and charged up.

Fedde – It can be really hard, especially when it’s the summer season because you end up playing almost all of the days in the week, you have to travel from gig to gig, country to country, there’s not a lot of time to relax. I try to chill out as much as possible on flights, watch films when I can, just zone out to get some quiet time before it all starts again. If I have time at home to relax then I’ll either hang out with friends and family, just cooking, playing video games, that kind of thing, or I’ll head to the gym ““ I’m a massive fitness fanatic, it’s a great way to unwind and keep in shape at the same time.

TM – What’s the strangest place you have performed?

Fedde – In a hot air balloon about 1 km above ground, no word of a lie! I’m not sure if there’s anywhere else I could play that would top that really ““ maybe only something like playing in a submarine?

TM – Do you have a dream venue you want to play one day?

Fedde – I would love to play at Madison Square Gardens or Wembley Stadium or the Bird’s Nest, Beijing, those locations are insane! Yeah, if I could headline those, that would have to be one hell of a show!

TM – Any plans to celebrate your birthday? (Fedde is 34 on 7 September).

Fedde – Hopefully I’ll get to celebrate it like I did last year ““ I was in Las Vegas and they brought me out a cake, we had drinks, I had some really good friends on tour with me so it was really cool. Except this time I’m not in Vegas with really good friends, I’m home with really good friends

TM – Does the private plane make a big difference to touring.

Fedde – It really does, if I’m being honest. It’s still a massive luxury and I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t need it but this summer season is so hectic and busy for me that just logistically it makes a lot of sense. If I had to rely on normal planes I’d be cutting it so fine at the airport to get from one place to another, so to book a plane for the whole summer was way more economical. I’m also making sure that I’m offsetting my carbon footprint ““ we worked it out online and I was totally shocked, I have to plant a small forest to compensate but it’s definitely worth it.

TM – If all your musical equipment and stage gear was in a fire what one thing would you save?

Fedde – My manager. Everything is digital these days so it’s all replaceable. If I had any vinyl with me then I’d definitely go back to save that as there are some cuts that are so hard to find.

TM – Any advice to performers hoping to make it in the music industry?

Fedde – I get asked this a lot and the main thing I say to people is that they have to be prepared to work. And work hard. Of course you have to have talent in the first place, but unless you’re prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up, to play at any gigs you get handed when you start out, do parties for free, anything to get out there and get noticed, then I’d say don’t bother and just do it in your bedroom for fun. It’s long hours, lots of traveling, you’re away from home for most of the year ““ but when you’re behind the decks and in front of a crowd of people going nuts to your track selection, it’s beyond worth it, it’s an amazing feeling, a real rush. It just takes time and dedication to get here.

TM – In three words what can the people of Tenerife expect from you at the show?

Fedde – So Much Love

Ritmos Del Mundo promises to be special, it runs from 3pm to midnight and also performing are DJ Real El Canario, Glowintedark, Steve Foster, Bassjackers, DJ Leon, and Dj Dario. Tickets are on sale from and range from 25 euros to the VIP tickets with free bar at 100 euros. Free buses will be ferrying people to and from the concert from key points in the south. Enjoy.