FICMEC presents its eighteenth edition

The event will take place from 24 to 30 may in Garachico

15th the eighth edition of the International Festival of environmental film of Canary, Ficmec, was presented today in the noble Hall of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife.

It will take place from 24 to 30 may, in the surroundings of the roundabout in San Francisco and in the old convent of the same name, in the municipality of Garachico. Note that the slogan of the poster for this year is ‘Time to think’, the work of designer Adán Navarro.

José Luis Rivero framed insular Corporation support for the cinematographic event in Tenerife 2030 project, and highlighted three key points in it: on the one hand, Garachico as a model of cultural management that leads to the development of its citizens; creativity as a leading factor of sustainability; and third, such creativity as important pillar to improve the quality of life of the people.

For his part, the director of the Festival, David Baute, highlighted the increase in the number of days of celebration, which are five to seven, as well as the realization of a novel activity, the ‘Ecocrea’ event, which is aimed at students, who will elaborate different parts with recycled material in their reference centres.

Within the programming of this new edition of the Festival will be held, also, a Conference on Volcanism, “Vulcanalia”, which will be coordinated by the Chair of geology Telesforo Bravo of the University of La Laguna, on 24 and 25 May. They will have a comprehensive film programming, lectures and workshops given by international experts; as well as different parallel activities such as geological areas of volcanological interest-guided tours.

The Mayor of Garachico, Heriberto González, thanked the support of the public and private institutions in the celebration of the Festival, and said that “it has been a salutary lesson for the revitalization of the economy of the municipality. Therefore, the commitment to culture is a success”. Announced, also, that “City Hall is working on three pillars from the environmental point of view: the adaptation of infrastructure, training and tax Ordinances”, and stressed “the leading role our neighbours playing in this event”.

The jury of this year will be composed by Mónica Fernández-Aceytuno, dissemination of nature in press; Ignacio Carballo, director of the festival de Cine de Gijón and

member of the Uruguayan Academy of letters, arts and Sciences; and snow King, Manager of corporate communications at Ecoembes.

The International Festival of environmental film of the Canary Islands has the sponsorship of the Cabildo de Tenerife, del Gobierno de Canarias, Foundation CajaCanarias, La Caixa Foundation, and cable car of the Teide.

Thus, the Foundation CajaCanarias, Alberto Delgado, President stressed the commitment of the Council for culture, and said that “this year has made an important effort”. The director of the center of institutions of the Fundación La Caixa, Fragoso Antonio, described the Festival as an international event “that linked well with the line of our Foundation of preserving the defence of the natural environment, as well as the dissemination of the culture and the science”. And to the director general of ropeway of the Teide, Ignacio Sabaté, “is admirable commitment of the municipality of Garachico, in the direction of the festival and his team”.

The bases to introduce films, which opened in mid-January, are available on the website