A number of tourists staying in Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife increase by 17% this year. In total the number grows to 42.259 visitors.

More and more tourists get attracted to great weather and laid back aura of Tenerife, however this year, a large number of visitors demonstrate a greater interest in visiting and staying in the capital of the island.

According to the data handled by the Hotel Association and Extrahotelera of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, 49.459 people registered in institutions of Santa Cruz over the past months of June, July and August. That is 7.200 tourists more than last summer.

Statistics also show that 36.756 of visitors were Spanish nationals while the rest 12.703 were foreigners. Usually the capital of Tenerife is chosen by the Spanish for business rather than leisure, while foreign tourists choose continuous heat and sightseeing attractions located in the South of the island.

12.703 foreigners who stayed in the capital of Tenerife were from:

2.512 United Kingdom

1.948 Italy

1.812 Germany

The largest growth from year to year was Norwegians (67.21%), followed by the British (42.81%) and Germans (35.53%). In contrast, the largest decreases in terms of tourists staying in Santa Cruz were recorded among Swedish (-36.89%), visitors from Eastern countries (-24.91%) and Danes (-20.56 %).

Moneywise, tourists well contribute towards the financial state of Tenerife. According to the LBS, every visitor who came to Santa Cruz in average spent 131 euros in the third quarter of this year. The amount is higher than other tourist destinations such as Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz, 122 euros or Santiago del Teide, 117 euros.

“We are pleased with the figures because it demonstrates that Santa Cruz not only aspires to become a tourist capital, but has already positioned itself as a tourist capital”, said the mayor Jose Manuel Bermudez.

Bus station in Santa Cruz
Bus station in Santa Cruz