One of the tastiest and most colourful of fiestas on Tenerife took place on the last Sunday in August in Tejina above the north coast. The celebrations surrounding the Hearts of Tejina (Corazones de Tejina) has been opened in the past by celebrities such as Julio Iglesias, but it still remains a secret to many British visitors to Tenerife.

Tenerife Magazine was there capture this little northern Tenerife town’s hearts

They might not be big enough to carry the hearts yet, but the children in Tejina are involved in the fiesta from a very early age.

Groups of traditional musicians (parrandas) accompany each of the hearts.

Shortly after midday the hearts receive a blessing in front of the church.

Then it’s a race to see which of the three streets involved can get their heart erected first.

The winners go on a tour of the other hearts, mocking them mercilessly for not being as quick”¦and not being as good.

In truth all hearts are fabulous creations; constructed with fruit so perfect that it looks like wax and elaborate pastries depicting traditional and mythical scenes.

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