Surf Dudes

The surfer's version of a duel, or has one of them just got

The surfer’s version of a duel, or has one of them just got “˜board’ (groan) and decided it’s time to leave? There’s a lot more to the beaches of Playa de las Américas than just a haven for visitors who want to trade in the pale for a golden glow ““ surf’s up, dude.

And This is?

We don’t know exactly what it’s meant to be, but a lot of people seem to like to use it as a window ““ Tenerife’s version of the “˜toll gate in the desert’ in the movie Blazing Saddles. An “˜interesting’ example of one of the modern art sculptures on the bohemian section of the popular Las Américas promenade known as “˜Geranium walkway’.

Sea of Straw

Nope, not a group of Vietnamese paddy field workers on holiday in Tenerife; there’s a beach under there somewhere”¦ honest. Robinson Crusoe-style thatched umbrellas and palm trees on the golden Playa El Camisón; essential tropical ingredients for those times when the sun just becomes too hot to handle.

White Hot Woman

You can’t blame her for not wearing a lot in these temperatures, but you’d have thought she’d have picked up a bit of colour by now. One of the row of naked ladies which act as the welcome committee at the eye-catching entrance to the Mare Nostrum Resort.

Viva Las Américas

No it’s not Las Vegas”¦ or even Blackpool. It’s the dancing fountain at the Safari shopping centre. Las Américas’ mini light, music and water show makes for a colourful diversion from getting sozzled in the resort’s most popular after-dark haunts.

Cool Hot Spot

A hot spot with a cool view; one of the stylish chiringuitos (beach bars) in Playa de las Américas ““ it’s a great location for an early morning coffee, midday cerveza and sex on the beach at sundown ““ the cocktail that is. On the other hand”¦