Autumn has arrived at Stradivarius with their Back to Black collection.

Black leather, studs and chains matched with silk scarves, slouchy boots and bomber jackets pick up this season’s aviator look. The waist makes a return with 60s meets 80s style featuring the miniest of skirts over leggings, slinky tops belted at the waist, killer heels and faux fur and animal prints.

The Stradivarius label brings the constantly changing face of fashion to affordable street wear. Collections team avant-garde with basics making their clothes hugely accessible and desirable to a broad range of ages. Unlike some outlets, Stradivarius dares to be different and brings a touch of originality to those who want to create their own style. Always popular, when the sales come around you can guarantee the longest queues will be at Stradi’.

Jackets range from €30 to €60; jeans and trousers average around the €20/€25 tag; tops and dresses fall into an affordable €10 to €20; and shoes and boots will set you back €50 to €70.
Quality is good for the price tag and sizes get up to 46 (US size 16/UK size 18).

If you want to try out this season’s styles without leaving the comfort of your keyboard, go to the website and play with the neat “˜fitting room’ feature which is the digital equivalent of cut out clothes. Mix and match the basics on the “˜virtual you’ until you get the look you’re after and then hit the calculator icon to price up your new image.

There are Stradivarius outlets in all the major commercial centres on Tenerife.

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