A year ago Nikki Attree started a blog to help support Tenerife’s hardworking rescue shelters. The mix of local news and entertaining dog stories from around the world has proved very successful, regularly getting thousands of visits. Building on this success, she’s just started a website which works alongside the blog to encourage more people to adopt abandoned dogs and help them find their perfect pooch.

At present some of the rescue centres keep lists of their dogs and some don’t, but there is no straight-forward way to search online for a dog to re-home, and perhaps get some basic information and advice about how to go about adopting.

The new site – has a find-a-dog list with a selection of dogs that are looking for a home, along with some success stories, and pages of useful information in the form of FAQ’s, articles, and links.

So please visit and bookmark … but be warned – once you take a look at the cute doggies on the website, you may well find one that leaps off the screen and tugs at your heart-strings and before you know it you might have a new friend sharing your home ! 🙂

PS contact Nikki by e-mail at if you would like to have a dog included on the find-a-dog list and she’d also love to hear from you if you’ve adopted a dog and would be willing to share your story on her success stories page.

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