What is ‘Barefoot Bride’?

It is a wedding planning company in Tenerife. Usually assisting couples from abroad, also available for locals.

Barefoot Bride is your best friend if you are planning your wedding in Tenerife. We organise and style the wedding, deal with suppliers, negotiate prices, plan the budget, coordinate the wedding day and take care of all other wedding aspects’ which you don’t even consider. We listen to your visions and dreams and then use our experience, contacts and passion to create a truly magical and unforgettable wedding in Tenerife.



Why Tenerife?

Your wedding can be combined together with a honeymoon. Tenerife promises sunny days almost all year round, with guaranteed fantastic mood and weather. It truly is a paradise for a wedding.

This stunning island simply has everything you could possibly need for your perfect wedding day. Tenerife offers best climate in the world and no rainy season as such. Hence, you can have a lovely barefoot beach wedding here even in the middle of winter – the temperature here rarely drops below 20 degrees.

Tenerife also offers many stunning locations for your big day – beautiful beach clubs, glamorous hotels, golf clubs and unique churches. The atmosphere is very relaxing, local Canarien people – nice and friendly, food is fresh and delicious. It is great idea to combine your wedding to the honeymoon too – Tenerife has so many stunning places to visit and interesting things to do, that you will guaranteed enjoy every minute of it!



What is included into Barefoot Bride’s services?

Partial or full planning, depending on each client’s desires. Partial, if only little help is desired such as assisting on the wedding day or if you simply need an advice. Full if we decide on planning the entire celebration together incorporating aspects such as budget, options available, venues, reception, general assisting and more.

We are here to help with every aspect of your wedding – paperwork, venues, ceremony, flowers, photographer, musicians, entertainment, transport, budgeting, styling, even accommodation and your honeymoon, if you wish so. We love taking the exciting journey of wedding planning with you – from creating the concept of and working all the way through to your “I do’s…”. The option of partial planning is available too for couples who only need a bit of guiding or perhaps just the coordination of the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly. The best thing to do is just to drop us a message with your request – we do offer a free consultation.

Why hire a wedding planner?

If you don’t live in the island, you need someone who knows people and places, even simple things can turn out to be stressful when planning by yourselves. Wedding planner shares contacts, and thoroughly helps throughout. The bride, who usually is responsible, can spend more time enjoying the planning process. The stress free atmosphere is very important during the actual wedding day.

Although planning a wedding is exciting but it definitely might get a little stressful at times. We believe it is essential to hire a wedding planner especially when planning a destination wedding – you simply need someone who perfectly knows the best places and people. Professional wedding planner is here to make your life easier and planning process as easy and enjoyable as it can be. We see more and more brides getting really stressed while planning their big day and actually forgetting to enjoy it!  But at the end, this day is supposed to be about happiness and celebrating your love, let the planner to take care of the rest, trust it to the Barefoot Bride.


What is the normal procedure of THE day?

There are really a lot of options. Let me give you a few examples.

In the morning beauty specialists arrive to bride’s villa or hotel and does her hair, make up, etc. while she is enjoying a coffee or chilled glass of cava. The car arrives to pick her up and brings her to the ceremony where the groom and all guests are already waiting. The venue is decorated with beautiful flowers and the ceremony takes place on the sandy beach, under the romantic wedding arch, enjoying the sunshine, ocean views and the sound of live guitar. After your “I do’s” you have a little wedding photo-shoot in the most stunning spots in Tenerife while your guests are chilling listening to the music in the beautiful venue drinking champagne. After the photo-shoot you continue with romantic dinner enjoying the sunset or maybe hire a boat and celebrate with your guests watching whales or dolphins swimming just next to you? 

What if I’m on a low budget and what is the average I’m looking to spend in Tenerife?

Barefoot Bride, like any other wedding planner, knows on what to spend or save money. For example choosing a cheaper or more expensive photographer can be crucial to your wedding budget. Photography is massively important, however you need to be sure you will be happy with the final results. Having an honest wedding planner usually saves more money.

A wedding in Tenerife is such great idea for couples, who would like to save money. While lots of couples spend over 15,000 or 20,000 euros on their Wedding Day elsewhere in the world, you can have a beautiful wedding here for just a few thousand. We normally suggest a starting budget of 1000 euros. It is all about choosing your priorities – the best photographer on the island, food, and activities during the wedding day, fancy wedding venue or maybe all of the above? A good wedding planner always can advise you how to save and can often offer you a better deal so it is definitely the best option just to get in touch and discuss your budget with the planner.

Does Tenerife necessarily mean beach weddings?

Not necessarily, what about a stunning hotel with ocean views, impressive golf course, romantic church or maybe a yacht? The sky is the limit when planning the wedding and we are always glad to see couples willing to do something different and unique.


Will there be other people at the beach?

Most likely. The beach is a public place, and although you get a permission, you cannot ‘rent out’ the beach. But finding a quiet place with less people is very realistic.

How long in advance should I start planning? What if I’m spontaneous?

Due to long and difficult paperwork over here, most couples choose to get a beautiful and emotional blessing in the island. Then, the wedding can be organised quite fast although if you have your dream venue I would advise to book a year in advice – most popular venues get booked up really quickly. Otherwise, 6 months is definitely enough to plan a beautiful wedding.

Short of time and want to get married just in few weeks? We would happily plan that too.

What if we want to party all night long?

I see a lot of couples deciding to celebrate in the villa with their friends and family. It is great choice because there are so many stunning villas here in Tenerife with private pools and spacious gardens. A few nibbles, champagne, sunset, private swimming pool and all your dearest and nearest – doesn’t it sound like a perfect wedding’s evening?

We can help you to decorate the venue nicely and your guests can stay there too.

What is your advice for the bride to be in Tenerife?

Consider your wedding in autumn, winter or spring – it is really nice to escape cold weather in your home country and temperature stays perfect all year round. Stay for a least a few more days after the wedding – there are so many things to do and to see. And most importantly, find a right person to guide you during your wedding planning process. Here in Barefoot Bride we enjoy making a personal connection with our couples and are always so excited to work with each and every couple!

The wedding planner Dovile with a groom and bride
The wedding planner Dovile with a groom and bride



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