[three_fourth last=”yes” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]Choosing Tenerife for holiday is perhaps the greatest decision; hot weather, sunshine all year round and undoubtedly beautiful island treasures. As you may be aware, Tenerife is a windy island, just like the rest of the Canaries. At times it may feel refreshing, but if you are visiting for a week or two, you want to make sure that breezy winds won’t disturb your holiday.

Pearly Grey Ocean Club is situated on a West coast of Tenerife, consequently, it is least windy and the best place to stay in an island if you are after a pleasant climate. It is just 10 minute drive to Las Americas night life, which is a must see. There are buses operating too if you are not up for driving!

A warm welcome at Pearly Grey’s reception will set you up with a great mood. Friendly English spoken staff will take the best care of you and your family. Depending on apartments you’ve chosen you will most likely love it! Seafront apartments overlook turquoise Atlantic Ocean. The waves break on the coast just below your feet and it feels truly magical. The peak of Tenerife’s highest volcano Teide is visible from Pearly Grey at most times too.

Pearly Grey is proud with 110 spacious suites, with most of it already refurbished. The rest is due to be redecorated next year, despite that, older apartments look amazing anyways. Hotel offers apartments with a fully fitted kitchen, and all equipment you can think of; anything from wine openers to pizza cutters, pans, pots and cutlery. Open plan kitchen extends to a cosy sitting room fitted with a dining table and chairs, a sofa with additional soft seating and a smaller drinks table. A huge bedroom, with a king size bed offers a comfortable sleep on a great mattress. Apartments are always freshly cleaned, super safe, and are very comfortable with a pleasant atmosphere.

At Pearly Grey you will be treated with variety of meals at the restaurant of your choice. Recently opened outdoor kitchen at The Edge offers snacks, burgers & baguettes as well as freshly prepared seafood platter or a paella of course. Follow upcoming posts for more on The Edge, it’s an absolute must visit!

Welcome sunrise in a luxury furnished balcony; accompanied together with a stunning view, enjoy your morning coffee for a perfect start of the day. The sound of breaking waves will keep you refreshed but relaxed at the same time. As you get used to it, it becomes the best lullaby. If you wish to meditate, there is no need of artificial music, the ocean is just outside of your window, so make the most of it!

Pearly Grey offers gym and swimming pool facilities with a gaming area available as well as hair and beauty salon and a therapy room. Professional physiotherapist is available for you during your stay; find more about it in the followingposts. At Pearly Grey you will enjoy anything from Spanish language to several exercise classes, why not make an advantage out of your vacation? Be wise – be healthy with Pearly Grey.

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